vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

Instruction for European Visa Information System ('Please do not smile')

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has begun taking persons' fingerprints as part of visa verification at the Netherlands' border. This measure has been taken to comply with the European regulation prescribing that travelers from countries for which a visa requirement applies be checked on the basis of biometric data (photograph and fingerprints). This check is carried out by comparing the biometrics of persons with data stored in the central European Visa Information System (EU-VIS).

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has made an instruction video demonstrating the procedure of the visa application process involving the recording of biometric data of persons. The video on this page is shown to travelers prior to their visa application at the border.

The main aim of the European Visa Information System is to prevent visa fraud by setting up a database at EU level in which all visa applications are recorded. The aforementioned EU regulation also contributes to the fight against illegal immigration and to establishing the identity of aliens while visa verification is being conducted.

(ministerie van Defensie, 24 augustus 2012)

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