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List of Dutch maritime security companies

As of 1 August 2012, 464 (maritime) security companies had adhered to the Swiss-based International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC).

Listed below are the firms based in The Netherlands. For the full list, click here.

35. ARGOS Security bv

Signed by:  C.K.A.M. Paans, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 February 2011 (by letter)
Headquarters: Netherlands, North Brabant, Geertruidenberg,
Website: www.argos-security.nl

Operating as freelance security consultants since 1997, ARGOS Security bv was established in  2006. The company based in the Netherlands has been operating in North- and West Africa, the Gulf and middle East. Providing security consultancy and training services to  multinational companies operating in the high risk countries within these parts of the world. ARGOS Security bv has specialized themselves in providing professional security consultancy services covering business continuity, crises management, risk assessments, training, security audits and restructuring and. These services are provided on a short or long term base, guiding the clients throughout the process. Our exposure over more as a decade to clients within the Oil & Gas, Construction and tobacco industries provides us with the capability to  provide clients with cost effective solutions to protect their interest abroad.

40. Arxal Risk Management

Signed by: T. Peters, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company:  1 June 2011 (by letter)
Headquarters: Netherlands, Nijmegen
Website: www.arxalriskmanagement.com

Arxal Risk Management is an innovative Netherlands-based company with international  leadership, providing an outstanding level of Global Security Risk Management Services in  high-risk areas. Arxal was developed by a security consultant operating in the Middle East during the recent conflicts that saw the need for a new innovated way to deliver security and  surveillance to clients. Arxal achieves the paramount level of client service by listening to and understanding our client’s requirements, analysing intelligence and providing bespoke solutions to the client with professional personnel. Along with our professional services we at  all times operate ethically, with integrity, and with respect to people, environment and cultures.  Arxal’s consultation and service provision enables various bodies, including private  companies, governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), to fulfil their operational and business activities whilst mitigating risk to their overall aims and strategies. Our values and ethics coupled with extensive military skills and expertise make Arxal Risk Management the premier choice for your security needs worldwide.

102. Dutch Control BV 

Signed by: Aart van Vugt, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 December 2011 (by letter)
Headquarters: The Netherlands, Den Hout
Website: www.dutchcontrol.eu

Dutch Control is a Dutch Security company established in 2010 which specializes in providing national and international risk management services. The primary aim of Dutch Control is assisting its clients in conducting their business in high risk areas on a worldwide basis. Dutch  Control employs subcontractors who possess experiences gained within the Dutch Special  Forces and Law Enforcement. Our security advice is based on international standards for Risk Management and is executed by specialized security operatives and experienced consultants. Dutch Control also specializes in Maritimes Security and training, particularly for high risk transit areas. All Ship Security Assessments are conducted by Dutch Control on behalf of our clients as part of a ships security plan complying to international maritime codes.

103. Dutch Security International

Signed by: John Titahena, Executive Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 October 2011 (by letter)
Headquarters: The Netherlands, Apeldoorn

The DSI Holding Vision is to provide a cost effective, highly professional and operational  catalyst that will encourage the development of sustainable global maritime safety and security. DSI Holding aims to build, assess and maintain highly proficient military and civilian  operational systems within the fields of maritime safety, security tactics and marine  environmental protection. DSI Holding has a mission is to uphold a multi-faceted and discipline organization that strives to protect worldwide marine resources, maritime objects,  persons and stakeholders whilst respecting International, National and Regional law and  regulation.

123. ESS&SA B.V.

Signed by: Jethro Pijlman, Co-CEO
Date of becoming Signatory Company:  1 April 2011 (by letter)
Headquarters: Netherlands, Amsterdam
Website: www.ess-sa.eu

Operating in the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean since 2010, ESS&SA BV was established in 2009 and based in the Netherlands. We provide security, consultancy and  training services to multinational shipping companies operating in pirate occupied areas. The security services we provide include armed and un-armed Maritime Security Teams and  Escort Vessels. Our personnel are all former Royal Netherlands Marine Corps or Dutch  Maritime Special Forces personnel, and are qualified maritime professionals. By partnering  with a number of global security organizations along with ESS&SA BV’s outstanding expertise  ESS&SA BV is able to provide each client with the highest quality and most effective security solutions.

152. Griffin & Miller The Netherlands B.V.

Signed by: S. Hendriks, SEO
Date of becoming Signatory Company:  1 June 2011 (by letter)
Headquarters: Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Zaandam
Website: www.griffin-miller.org

Griffin & Miller The Netherlands B.V.is a security company fully licensed by the Dutch  Ministry of Justice. Griffin & Miller is staffed by experienced former military-, law  enforcement- and intelligence officers and provides high quality intelligence, risk control and  security services to an international clientele. The services of Griffin & Miller are supported  by a world-wide network of affiliated agencies.

250. MSS Maritime Security Solutions B.V.

Signed by: Derk Wisman, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2011 (by letter)
Headquarters: Netherlands, Rotterdam
Website: www.maritimesecuritysolutions.com

MSS Maritime Security Solutions B.V. is a privately owned and well known organisation in the international maritime security market. Our approach is unique by providing one-stopshopping global maritime security solutions. We provide consultancy, onboard advisory  officers, unarmed and/or armed guards and the supply and installation of products and  technology for detection, identification, deterrence, communication and protection. Our  staff all have a professional background and have served in Navies and on merchant vessels  on a (very) senior level. They have recent and onboard counter piracy experience at (senior)  management level. Our consultants have provided services to leading maritime companies all  around the globe.

300. Pro-Intell security solutions

Signed by: Martijn Bakker, General Manager
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 April 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: The Netherlands, Nijkerkerveen
Website: www.pro-intell.nl

We are Pro-Intell security solutions, our company specializes in services at risk areas worldwide. Pro-Intell security solutions was founded by former members of the Dutch Armed Forces and Elite Forces. Our objective is to provide our military expertise and experience in the world most hostile areas, for the protection of all kinds of targets in hostile and risk areas. These could be persons, high value assets, vessels which are at risk to be hijacked, as well as static, mobile and land targets, such as: locations for storage,  construction sites, convoys and seaports.

307. QPO Maritime Security Company 

Signed by: R.G. van den Berge, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company:  1 April 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: The Netherlands, Voorschoten
Website: www.qpo-msc.com

Qua Patet Orbis* Maritime Security Company (QPO MSC) offers professional maritime security  services. We are specialized in protecting ships and drilling platform against external pirate attacks. QPO MSC provides tailored advice regarding maritime security risk management. Based on the location and intended transit route, we assess and analyze the security risks and potential hijacking threats. This allows us to take any necessary preventive measures. We support and advice our clients in making objective and balanced decisions regarding all  matters of maritime security in high-risk situations. Besides our main security task, we  provide various forms of security related training. QPO MSC supports and advises our clients  in taking precautions to reduce the risk of being hijacked. QPO MSC secures and protects  your vessel, platform, crew and cargo by deploying professional security teams. We conduct our tasks in close cooperation with the master of the ship or drilling platform.  We are always focused on protecting our clients from external pirate attacks without putting the crew and cargo at risk.

*Qua Patet Orbis is the motto of the Dutch Marine Corps

348. Schütz Swart International

Signed by: Jeroen Schütz, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 December 2011 (by letter)
Headquarters: The Netherlands, Groesbeek
Website: www.schutz-swart.com

Schütz Swart International delivers security risk management services and is specialised in international operations. We provide consultancy, operational support and training enabling  our clients to achieve their goals in high-risk situations. The safety of personnel, assets and  business continuity is the driving force behind our services. Our maritime security services  include a company owned Maritime Security Escort Vessel, Maritime Security Teams and  Maritime Security Consultancy. Schütz & Swart offers high quality services based on the  international experience and expertise of our operators and consultants. This is  complemented by an Advisory Board, which assures the quality of services is compliant with  the highest International Standards.

383. Shore & Offshore Security Group

Signed by: Paul Wiebes, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company:  1 June 2011 (by letter)
Headquarters: Netherlands, Nieuwer-Ter-Aa
Website: www.shore-offshoresecurity.com

Shore & Offshore Security Group is a Dutch based company, specializing in maritime security and ensuring safe passing through high risk areas for clients vessels', cargo, and crew. Shore & Offshore Security Group provides training and drills for crews in how to deal with the  piracy threat, in addition to providing skilled armed and unarmed security teams to commercial shipping companies and luxury yachts. We also accommodate security to static  marine and land based objects as well.

395. Specops Company BV

Signed by: Mark Zuiderdujin, CEO
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 April 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: The Netherlands, Pumerend
Website: www.specops-company.com

Providing high-risk global crisis and risk management services for nearly six years, Specops Company 3 core practices include Maritime, Air and Ground support. We set the industry standard for personalized and highly skilled assessment, planning and protection at every level throughout the enterprise, serving multinational corporations, small and mid-sized businesses, individuals, governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations. Our daily preoccupation is providing the most cost-effective, responsive and personalized possible customer care. We collaborate with business decision-makers at every level to ensure  seamless planning, communication and execution for optimal risk management. The best way to mitigate risk is to prevent it  – through best planning practices. But in today’s  challenging and rapidly changing global workplace, crisis responsiveness is also critical. Specops Company takes a holistic approach, providing companies the tools to know their  business, know their risks – and know the best means to securing corporate safety, integrity  and prosperity.


Signed by: Anton J. Melein, CEO - Owner
Date of becoming Signatory Company:  1 June 2011 (by letter)
Headquarters: Netherlands, Amsterdam
Website: www.thegroup-nld.com

Support of, advice on and provision of security-related training courses, for – among others – military and police units, the provision of specialized security services as well as distribution and sales of security and safety related materials, mainly for the department(s) of Justice and Defence. THE GROUP's major strength is the calibre and experience of its staff who are drawn mainly from elite Armed Forces and Police units. In particular, there is a strong historical association with the Dutch (Maritime) Special  Forces. Staff are trained and capable, supported wherever necessary by experts with specialist skills. The Group NLD has unrivalled experience in providing training and education services to governments, corporations, NGO's, military and law enforcement  personnel. The Group NLD offers consultancy and advice in any form on all the topics within the field of security & special operations. The Group NLD offers an exclusive variation of specialist services throughout the security branch. We provide state of the art detection means, highly trained  personnel, education & evaluation means and advise on all the topics within the field of security. All services and products are provided tailor made. We provide security for individuals, (multinational) companies, governments and NGOs, etc.

(Defensie weblog, 3 augustus 2012)

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