donderdag 1 maart 2012

The 2012 Security Jam: An open call for fresh thinking

By Giles Merritt, Director of the Security & Defence Agenda

Nobody doubts the speed with which the security challenges faced by western governments are changing. Nor the changing nature of security. The need for fresh thinking both from the military and from the wide range of relevant civilian stakeholders is clear to all. And that’s the purpose of the online Security Jam being organised by the Security & Defence Agenda (SDA) and its partners from March 19-23.

Online tools have a central role to play in the effort to address the policy needs of the EU and NATO. The Security Jam is a state-of-the-art collaborative platform that will focus the brain power of thousands of experts around the world on key security issues.

The Jam is revolutionary in covering the entire spectrum of stakeholders, from civilian to military. It offers a wake-up call to established decision-making norms by breaking down geographical, hierarchical and sectoral barriers, promoting civ-mil cooperation and encouraging the exchange of best practices. It is the only event of its kind that brings together so many partners – from institutions to think-tanks and universities – and fosters open and frank debate among a network of networks.

The topics covered in the Security Jam’s eight forums will yield recommendations for a plethora of security challenges. Discussions on the lessons learned from the recent Libyan conflict will be especially relevant to the on-going unrest in Syria, while the forums on international cooperation and future capabilities will ask how global security can remain a political priority amid sweeping budget cuts.

Global leaders will receive the Jam’s initial results ahead of the NATO and G8 summits in Chicago in May. The EU and NATO leaderships will receive the full report, including the ten most acclaimed recommendations, later that month. The report will also be sent to thousands of top policymakers around the globe.

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