zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

US military personnel drove UNHCR vehicles in Bosnia, Croatia

[radio teletype, slightly garbled (war in the former Yugoslavia)]

Thu 23.03.9NSA   from: HCSWIGE    msg: HCBSNSA.306
BU01-23-3-0673 205.HRV
HCR/bsn/0l 09 HCR/hrv/0484
For L. Chang OIC-CAU/M. Zimmermann from C. Walker, PCBS
lnfo T. Birath Head FO/M. Morand
Most grateful you send to Sarajevo all relevant authorizations for US DOD personnel to drive UNHCR vehicles already provided to you by HQ.
lf further authorization are required for LJS DOD personnel please follow usual procedures of asking HQ to authorize on an individual basis.
Re assignment of Philip J. Antonio to Zagreb.  We agreeable to Antonio being authorized to drive UNHCR vehicles under same conditions as T. Zakriski, B. Sheedy, C. Blevins, V. Debray, M. Burken M. Zimmermann, L. Velzke, N. Grandy, P. Ray and D. Tucker pending resolution of legalities between US Gov. Legal Experts and UNHCR.  For conditions please refer to HCR/HRV/1057 of 2 June 1994 below
(UNHCR) GENEVA 02JUN94 1100z
BU01-0206-1178 205.BSN
~~Foation to drive for Tim Zakriski . UNHCR Legal Adviser has reviewed correspondence received and counsels as follows:
While JTF Team Leader memo does not address UNHCR concerns clearly, it is an acceptable solution on a temporary basis.
There should UNHCR Driver's Waiver if the reference to the Vehicular lnsurance Agreement is deleted. Accordingly, recommended action ls that UNHCR propose that in high risk areas such as BiH the lnsurance Agreement be forfeited where drivers, are government employees.
Should US Government legal experts wish to liaise with UN ~~should be addressed directly to the UNHCR
Legal Adviser, General Legal Advice in Geneva.
col 01 2303 0673 1994 02 94 1100 01 0206 1178
  205 1057 27

(Defensie weblog, 12 October 2013)

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